Jen's Vegan Eats First Story

First Post

Jen’s Vegan Eats is a blog I have created as a separation from another website project I have been working on for a couple years. While the other,, has a few of my older recipes, it primarily ended up being a one stop website for what to order vegan at chain restaurants, airports and arenas/stadiums. You should check it out!

I could feel over time where VeggL’s focus needed to be.

So now what do I do with my recipe creations since this has happened AND I graduated from Rouxbe and am now a Plant Based Chef?

This is where Jen’s Vegan Eats has come in! While VeggL is a team effort with my husband, Jen’s Vegan Eats is all mine. I have complete control of content, pictures, colors and design. I feel very inspired!

What kind of food will you find at Jen’s Vegan Eats?

To start, every single thing you see on this blog will be vegan. As far as cuisine goes, I make food from using inspiration and spices from across the world. I enjoy making nostalgic eats from my childhood with vegan ingredients. I also enjoy a fancier plate that not only focuses on taste but presentation. Small Bites for parties are fun for me too!

I prefer to not put myself in a box.

I turned 40 this year(January 2020). I have spent far too long being afraid to put my voice out there.

This blog will cover vegan recipes and who knows what else. Maybe I’ll post about my favorite skin rituals, natural face products I’m using to attempt to combat aging, top picks from my vegan shoe collection, my Mia’s(one of my dogs) story about why she only eats vegan dog food… –we’ll see.

I look forward to being creative for you and for me.

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