Low Calorie Density

Jen's Vegan Eats - Corn & Tomato Salsa

Jen has strived to be at a healthy weight for her entire adult life. After becoming vegan in 2012, she had hoped this process would become easier but quickly learned “vegan food” doesn’t equal “weight loss food.” This is a thought many people believe which is not true.

In 2020/2021, I recognized that I could not do this on my own as I recognized that my cycle of unhealthy habits around food were not changing. I sought help and began to the healing process; a beautiful & messy process. To get to the core of it, I had to learn (all the way back to childhood) why I choose food to cope or as a dopamine hit.

Not only am I becoming healthier and happier, I’m becoming my truest self. <3

Alongside the healing of my mental health, I learned how to properly utilize calorie density. These are the Vegan and Low Calorie Dense Recipes I have created on my journey to assist in weight loss. All of them are under 700 Calories per pound.